What a great year, joining God in what he was doing in the lives of so many.

The lyrics of this song keep beating melodiously in my heart:

When I think about the Lord,
How He saved me, how He raised me,
How He filled me, with the Holy Ghost,
How He healed me, to the uttermost.
When I think about the Lord,
How He picked me up and turned me around,
How He placed my feet on solid ground
It makes me wanna shout,
Thank you JESUS,
LORD, you’re worthy, of all the glory, and all the honour,
And all the praise…

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for a good 2014!

2014 – The year of our Lord’s salvation and deliverance – the deliverance wasn’t easy, but in so many areas of our lives we can testify that the promises of the Lord came to fruition. His salvation means we gave up and sacrificed so much so that we could go up further/ higher with Christ.
We have broken through the labour pains and we have now approached 2015, the year of God’s rest- as the Ark rested after the flood waters, as the children of Israel found rest in the Promised Land, as Solomon had rest from building the temple because of King David’s labour, as Hebrews promises us rest in Christ Jesus.

We will enter our season of rest in 2015; rest from our financial struggles, rest from relational struggles, rest from spiritual struggles, rest from emotional, physical and mental struggles, rest in every area and in all things.

In 2015, we enter our season of rest, our time of rest.