Romans 8:5-11 reveals that there are only two ways to live life. Paul draws several contrasts between existence ruled by the flesh and the new life of the Spirit. To walk in the Spirit is to be “in step” with the Spirit. Life in the Spirit means to follow His lead and remain in His control. It is life governed by the Spirit of God. This life is distinguished by the mind being set or focused on serving Christ. This individual’s desires are not selfishly controlled but are controlled by the will of Christ who lives in him. If you are a believer, the Spirit is always in you for the purpose of lovingly leading you.

If a person is not in step with the Spirit of God he or she will be controlled by the flesh. These people live an existence which is dominated by sinful human nature whose focus and center of attention is self, whose life is lived to satisfy selfish desires.

These two mind sets are intent on diametrically opposite directions. The mindset dominated by the desires and activities of the sinful nature is on the way to death. The mindset dominated by the desires and activities of the will of God is on the way to life and life eternal. Each person is responsible for which mindset he pursues. The believer’s responsibility is to set his mind on living in submission to the indwelling Holy Spirit or to focus his mind on Christ.

According to the Bible, every person is either under the control of the Spirit or under the control of the old nature; either on a road of peace or on a road that leads to death. Walking in the Spirit is living with Him as the director of our lives. Today, through surrendering to the Holy Spirit in our lives, there is a constant abiding of love, power and soundness in our minds.