There is a desperate search in mankind to find life outside of earth. One of the main aims of space programs is to find life. We can search and search and we will find life and that life is the Lord God Almighty who fills all and is in all. You don’t have to travel to the far ends of the universe to find Him – you merely have to open your eyes, open your heart, open the Bible and you will meet the ONE who exists on the far reaches of the universe and also exists right here. The very word “Encounter” means ‘to come upon face to face.’ He is wanting to meet with you – to have an encounter with YOU – not just once, but every day. What is that encounter normally called? Prayer!

Abraham, the man of faith, was given great promises by God that he would be the father of a great nation, a great land, and a blessing to all the nations. None of those promises had come true at that time but God had repeatedly promised that Abraham would have a child with Sarah. Sometime later, God makes a surprise visit to Abraham and Sarah at their tent home. He comes in the form of a man along with two angels by His side who also appear as men. Genesis 18:1-5…

To Encounter God We Must Welcome Him (1-5) The first crucial part of an encounter with God is welcoming Him just like Abraham did. Somehow, Abraham realized this was no ordinary visitor – he discerned it was the Lord himself. How he knew that is not certain. But his first response was bowing down and an invitation for a meal. It’s a typical reaction in the Middle East to this day – hospitality is expected for a visitor. And what a great visitor this is!
Does prayer matter? Absolutely! Does it change things? Certainly! It’s the key to life and death. Our spirit connects with God, and prayer begins with welcoming God into your home just as Abraham did. Without a welcome, you might as well put up a “keep out!” sign.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock…” Rev. 3:20. Is the Lord Jesus Christ welcome in your home? Is He welcome in your most private places? Prayer has no meaning for our lives if we don’t first welcome the Lord. He can come with His blessings of forgiveness, of spiritual fruit, of guidance and protection. But if we simply don’t answer the door, how will He do anything?

Welcome Him into your heart; into your personal life!