Have An Encounter With GodDo you yearn for an intimate Encounter with God?
Isaiah 6:1-8

Somewhere within each of us there is a deep desire to experience an encounter with God. Every one of us needs to reach the point where our relationship with God is personal and intimate a point where our life is all about encountering a loving God on a personal level not just singing about Him.

A real encounter with God, is more than a distant admiration or an emotional 5 minutes sometime in your life, it is an Encounter with the living God, a true encounter with our Lord and Savior! AIs should not just excite us; it should change us forever! It will start a relationship with Him that isn’t based just on “head knowledge” or “lip service” but based on a true “heart transformation”.

A real encounter with God leads to worship that isn’t just some religious method that we go through. It’s not about always playing the right note on an instrument or singing a song in tune, but It’s having an actual encounter with the Lord of Lord, and King of Kings!

There is a place, a line in the sand, that we step over and our life is changed forever! This isn’t a shallow place – it’s a deep encounter in God. Sometimes when you get to this place all you can do is speak in the spirit.

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  • words can’t describe what happening to you
  • but when you stand up, you’re different!
  • you’re not the same anymore!!!


You have a new purpose and desire to please the Lord like you’ve never had before! Some encounters with God cause an overflow of emotions, and that is ok. An emotional encounter may not change your life, but there is a deeper place in God. There is a place of deep encounter and a deep encounter is what produces change.

Are you willing to let an Encounter with the King of Glory really change your life?