How do you know if you are spiritually alive or spiritually dead? A spiritually dying believer could have the outward appearance of life. They could be the most beautiful or handsome person in town. They could be clothed in the finest apparel. But on the inside “A spiritual autopsy would reveal whether or not the person is living or dying spiritually.”

Let me be clear “Alive doesn’t mean the doors are open. Alive means the hearts are open.” One sign that you are spiritually alive is that you are forgiven of all your sins. Col. 2:13 says “13 Then God made you alive with Christ, for he forgave all our sins.”

Forgiveness is the first sign of life in you. Sin is a poison, a toxin, venom, a contaminant, a disease. But forgiveness is a salve, an ointment, a balm, a prescription, an anointing of healing. Instead of living in bitterness, we can learn to live in “better-ness.” Instead of living a life trapped by resentment, we can live a life of righteousness. Instead of letting anger be in control, we can learn to remain calm. Instead of being prideful, we can know the joy of generous giving. Instead of being miserable and always complaining, we can experience how to be content. Instead of having a heart full of hatred, we can have a heart filled with love. Instead of gossiping and judging others, we can look someone straight in the eye and say let’s get down on our knees and pray for one another.

Being forgiven takes away malice, being mean spirited, uncaring, and selfish and gives us of a life of peace, being thankful, counting our blessings, being satisfied with what we have and being in unity and love. I will choose the lifestyle of forgiveness over the lifestyle of sin every time. Will you?

There are a lot of things out there that are spiritual killers. But forgiveness is the first step to spiritual healing. If you have a desire to receive forgiveness for any and everything ask Jesus the Christ. Spiritual life begins with prayer. Our prayer must include words of repentance. Say “God I have problem. It is a problem bigger than what I can handle on my own. I need the kind of help that comes from only you. Lord I repent of my sins and ask your forgiveness”.

That is all it takes to begin a new spiritual life. Spiritual life begins with forgiveness.