Cell Groups

Our Cell Group Meetings are held during Spring and Fall. Cell groups meet once per week in homes and on days most convenient for that group. These group meetings continue for 12 weeks.

In these meetings persons meet in small groups to study God’s word through pointed discussions on Pastor O-Mar’s message from the previous Sunday or doing studies of books selected by our lead Pastor.

Some books we have completed include: The Mind Of Christ, Experiencing God and The Purple Book. 

The Mind of Christ introduces Believers to a lifelong process through which God will renew our minds and lives to reflect the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. This book is a 13 week group study designed to allow you to encounter God, so He may radically change your life.

Experiencing God teaches Believers how to know and do the will of God. You learn to hear when God is speaking to you; find out where God is working and join Him there and experience God doing through you what only God can do.

The Purple Book is a 12 part Bible Study which teaches biblical foundations designed to help Believers stand firm and grow strong in their Christian life. This book is currently being used to teach New Believer’s classes. These classes are held on Monday evenings in the sanctuary.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a small group or would like more information about these groups, kindly contact Marsha in the church office.

You may call Marsha at (876) 974-4334 or 564-1137.