Genesis 32:22-28

Do you want a breakthrough? When I say breakthrough, I am not talking about the Lord in all His glory with His angels stepping out of heaven to move a mountain on your behalf. What I mean when I say breakthrough, is moving from where you are, to where God wants you to be on your spiritual journey, because God is always thinking two steps ahead.

Since none of us has arrived yet, we all have room to grow spiritually. I have discovered that for most of us, we neglect the fact that our physical struggles in life affect our spiritual growth. The things we cannot conquer end up cutting us short when it is time for us to take our Christianity to the next level. The things we struggle with in the physical realm like lying, jealously, envy, pride, or substance abuse, have a direct effect on our spiritual growth. So when I talk about seeking your breakthrough, I mean conquering that which you are struggling with so that you can move to the next rung on God’s spiritual ladder to maturity.

A.W. Tozer said, “The Lord cannot fully bless a man until He has first conquered him.” God conquered Jacob by weakening him and He wants to conquer you as well. We can only have victory in our struggles if we first surrender to God, because in the end He will always have the last word.

In order to experience a break through, you must follow 4 steps. You must first go to God on your own, struggle with God alone, let God take control, and then endure till the end. These are 4 steps that have radically changed my life and continue to do so. Today, whenever I find myself in a struggle, I immediately turn to God.

What is it that you are struggling with? What area in your life can you use a breakthrough? The depth of your struggle does not matter as much as the way you handle your struggle.

Hitting a wall on your spiritual journey is a good indicator that you need a breakthrough. Whatever it is that has caused you to reach a spiritual plateau needs immediate action. Not properly conquering those problematic areas in our lives has the power to hold us back from doing great things for God. Don’t let your struggles conquer you when there is a God who wants you to live in complete victory at all times.

My challenge to you today is to seek out whatever it is that is keeping you from being all God wants you to be. Just as Jacob was able to write a new story, so can you. If you can line up who God knows you can be with who you want to become, then the sky is the limit in what you can do in life.