An Amazing Faith Luke 7:1-10

God expects his children to be people of extraordinary faith.

He wants us to look at our circumstances through the eyes of faith. The Bible says faith can move mountains. How is your faith now? Faith can bring changes in our situation. Hebrews 11:1 1- Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Our faith is not based on our present situation but it looks forward to the future. Do you have this faith? How can you exercise this faith? Luke 7:1-10 speaks of a Roman centurion who had a great faith. Jesus said of him, “I tell you I have not found such great faith even in Israel.”

Amazing Faith Crosses Every Barrier:

Our faith must be like the centurion’s faith, it must cross all barriers. When we are in Christ we are a new creation. Then there is no separation for language, religion, caste, culture, or status. We are all one and God wants us to see everyone equal like the centurion. Jesus was amazed with this centurion’s selfless act in asking for help.

Amazing Faith Makes Us Active In God’s Work:

If you have faith you will participate in God’s work. You will find out which medium God is using nowadays and try to invest your time and money for the extension of God’s work. Many are in leadership, praying for the ministry, winning souls, donating to the building fund, tithing etc. Let me say you are investing in God’s work like the centurion at Church On the Rock,. God will honor your faith.

Amazing Faith Makes Us Humble:

When we come to God we must come to him with humility. We must put aside our education, status, financial power etc., and surrender to the divine and spiritual authority in our life, God. We must understand that we are unworthy to stand in front of him but by His blood.

Amazing Faith Trust In Christ Alone:

The centurion knew if Jesus said a word it was enough. He trusted in Jesus and the authority of Jesus. He did not have a plan B if Jesus failed to heal his servant. He just trusted wholeheartedly. Listen, the centurion could have called for a Roman doctor to come and attend to his servant. He just has to speak a word and the next moment the doctor would be there. He did not depend on worldly resources but trusted in Jesus alone. Let us trust in God alone like this centurion.

Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that He will.

Faith is deaf to doubt, dumb to discouragement, blind to impossibilities and knows nothing but success in God. Walking by faith means being prepared to trust where we are not permitted to see. Faith allows God to do for us and with us what we could never do alone.